Why ‘New Year’s Resolutions’?

New YearI never really understood what the whole deal with new year’s resolutions was. It wasn’t the ‘whats’ but the ‘whys’ that I always failed to understand. Why is it that we need to remind ourselves of what we want from our life only once an year in form of resolutions that as per tradition are destined to be forgotten and fail? Why not remind ourselves of our purpose every single minute of every day?

But I guess now that we’ve actually lived through the end of the world this year, one’s ought to have a big plans for the times to come!

Here’s mine, not just for the next year, but for every year that follows. Is it to live to the fullest: Every day, hour, minute and second. Forgive and forget what I don’t love and cherish what I do. Be reminded of the fact that today will never come again, so I should do whatever makes me a better person! A happier person! Today… To make every week, month and year the best yet.


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