The Dwelling-Dilemma

They say the Home is where Heart is. I agreed with what the quote suggested, until I found myself questioning where my home truly was? It is not because I had none. It is probably because of over-associations in terms of ‘where I am from’.
This has always been a confusing question for me. Having moved so much since childhood (…until now), it was difficult to say where I belonged. I was born in a place where I had no firm association with, my parents are from another city, they now live in another city and I now live in another. To add to that, I have houses in two different cities. So where is it that I am from?
I have learned to love traveling, moving around, getting to experience the different lifestyle- so much so that having moved so many places for last two decades, I still would still love to move to another place, I have never been to! I know this serves me well for the flexibility and adaptability in my personality but it gets a little confusing when I think where I truly belong.
Officially I am from a city where I don’t really love being so much as I do where I live and spent my high school days. Even though I still cherish the best days spent in ‘my official home town’, when I did live there for a few years.

So this dilemma gets me thinking that perhaps, Heart is where Home is. You move to a new place, make your home there- And then that’s what you love the most. This doesn’t mean you have no home- It just means you have many as at different points of life, you loved different things and places and noone can take what you’ve already lived and loved.


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