Cultural Fest: Celebration of Identities

Bright colors, startling embroidery, elegant dresses, delicious cuisines, music that you can dance every beat to and warmth of friendships and love – These are some of the things I desperately miss studying away from home. This is the reason why I got involved with cultural societies and clubs at university- They are a great way of meeting people, enjoying yourself and celebrating what you love.


This November, QM Pakistan Society just made me fall in love with all of it over again. Being a part of a performance to represent the Pakistani culture gave me the opportunity to live it all over again, after a long time. There is no other place like home and no other celebration like that of your culture.


But there is something that made the event all the more exciting, it wasn’t based on representing Pakistani culture alone. It was a fusion of all cultures, where all societies displayed their culture in performances, food delicacy, stalls etc.

It was not an easy job to represent the whole of Pakistani culture, in just ten minutes- There is so much to the culture, heritage and Pakistan. But I think we made the best choice there could be. The one occasion where you witness the best, what it means to be a Pakistani, is our weddings. Family, love, celebration, music, hungama, traditions and so much more. Turned out to be as much fun for those who watched, as it was for us to prepare and perform.


The party does not stop there. It was the most culturally versatile evening I had been to in a long time, which made me think that it was beyond just having fun. It opened our minds to so much more that’s out there, so we don’t have to miss out on knowing and enjoying other cultures.


Even though the event’s aim was to ‘Go Global’, I think we fell a little bit more in love with our culture too!


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