Sweeter Side of Life!

Birthday celebrations – Afternoons spent on the beach – Dressing up with girlies – Pointless Phone Calls – Sharing desserts – Giggling without any jokes – Untimely text messages. Isn’t it these little thing that make life worth living?

Lazy evenings spent slacking & going through old folders, can bring so much of un-called-for joys, tears, self-confessions, feelings – Memories. Sitting back looking through my old pictures on a lazy evening made me realize what a long way I have, we all have come in life. Its true that we love two things the most, the past because its perfect in our minds and the future for it’s loaded with hopes, dreams, desires and ambitions. As I said, it brought back so many different feelings. Joy for I lived what I loved, tears for its gone now. But above all, it made me thankful for I lived so much. Pictures truly bring back memories, a magic spell making you live your life over and over, which makes me fall deeper in love with photography!



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