Conscience is Alive!

Following the toughest exam I have had in a while, I went to a store near university to fetch some lunch. But the lunch had more in store for me than just laying off exhaustion from a rough day’s hard work or enjoying my food.

Without a second thought into the store, I reached out for my favourite chicken tikka bake, which has been my regular for a while. I paid at the store, but before I left to join my friends for food I heard someone say the bake is only Halal if it says so on every individual packet (Even though it was put in the section where everything is Halal- which was the reason I always bought it anyway).

I walked out thinking to myself I have had it for a while, for almost every single day of university and known its Halal, so shouldn’t probably be a problem!

I sat down to eat with friends and I unwrapped my chicken bake. Now, for some reason I just didn’t feel hungry. I took a bite- But this just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t even sure if it wasn’t Halal. Most chances are it probably was. Then why was it that my hunger, that was driving me crazy a while ago, suddenly vanished?

It dawned onto to me that my system just wasn’t ready to take a chance on that. Even though I wanted to take benefit of doubt, and I did, but my conscience won.

Made me realise, our values are stronger than we think. We might not make an effort to work on them every single minute of the day, but they are there and they probably have a bigger role in our lives than we imagine. There are things in life that you cannot take second chances on, things that matter more than others and values that cannot be shaken- That’s what defines us! Look for them and believe for they make us who we are.


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