What’s unexpressed in the age of Over-Exposure?

In a casual conversation with a friend I found myself jolting my career plans. I have always rejoiced how wide and far reaching the field of business is. We can do it all. The options are limitless and in a city like London, there is market for anything you want to be. Economist? Investment banker? Lawyer? Teacher? Retailer? Trader? Administrator? And the list just goes on. One great thing about studying a degree like business (And most other degrees, today) is that it prepares you for the jobs that have not even yet been created, making it relevant for all times, situations and markets. But hold on! Options – Options – Options, not necessarily helping the situation!

Objectively speaking, it probably is- You have more flexibility than ever. But how do you make up your mind? Was life better when we knew what we could or could not do? This might be a heart-felt story for individuals, but it is seen among masses by the ever increasing rates of professionals switching jobs with careers that can be defined as ‘boundryless’.

On the same term of over-exposure, the case is even more horrifying when it comes to experiencing marketing in our lives- One thing that most people would not usually think about- And even more so when the messages go sublime. When you are bombarded with that much information every single day, how do you pick what’s important and what’s not? And worse, how do you deal with the immunization you develop as a result of it and by doing so are you at the verge of missing out on something invaluable?

The same terms apply with so many other walks, that it truly feels like an age of information and exposure, where nothing seems to be difficult to find out about, hence there is so much less of curiosity in our lives. And ask yourself, being bombarded with so much of information – Both wanted and unwanted – do we have the capacity to process it all without immunizing ourselves to it?

In a Post-Modern setup this has not stayed limited to education, information or choices alone, it has infact become a lifestyle. Everything is so much more competitive, explicit and just ‘out there’, may be it helps to have that in careers, but make sure you are not missing out on those little unexpressed perks of life, that make it so much more interesting.

Photo Credits: Sundish Ejaz


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