What do we want from life?

I have heard many different versions to the question & responses for it. Some said it was success, while others thought it was money or being able to support the loved ones; some people wanted no regrets, while others wanted to do something unique. The question has been asked too much and answered many times, but for some reason it always failed to make up a wholesome argument for me, to what is it exactly that we wanted from life, afterall?


I always had a safe answer for myself: Happiness. Its conditional and subjective, that’s the beauty of it. But hold on! What was it actually that made me happy? And is it a goal enough for me? If happiness is my goal, how do I achieve it? Where do I look for it? It wasn’t long before I knew, that chasing happiness, won’t get me the happiness [Not undermining the importance of positivity and optimism in thought and life though- that’s important]!


Well, I gave it a thought and it wasn’t long before I realized, what I wanted was to strike a balance and have it all? That’s what has always made me happy. We want to have the best of both worlds. Learn from experiences; know the good, the bad and the ugly; face our monsters; let go of limitations yet respect boundaries; make the most of every second, achieve all there is, love, give and rejoice – isn’t that what living the life to its fullest is all about anyway?


Think about a life with success but noone to share it with? Or a life with people to love and care for but nothing to enjoy with them? Or a life with success, loved ones but no time to enjoy what you love?


The equation just does not balance out in any case. We as beings, want it all- And no matter how preposterous and unattainable the target might seem, I think we can achieve it. One thing at a time and, well there is a whole 24 hours in a day!


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