My Saviours, My Angels

I remember how you never let my hand go even when I was the weakest. People thought I would never make it but you gave me hope for life from your sweat and tears. Being at such a long distance from you I wish sometimes I could just fly in a moment and be there with you. And I know how I am away from my angels because what they would want is nothing but the best for me and my life. The life I have now, achievements to boast about, capabilities to make use of, people to love and luxuries to enjoy, none of them are my achievements- Its all theirs, my parents. Its what they made us as human beings, giving us more than we can ever ask for.


The respect and love goes beyond what their sacrifices for their children have been. Its the lives they have lived, building everything together from scratch, setting an example through every dimension of life. They say it right, one should never forget where they came from and never lose focus of where they are going. As I progress with another day that I owe nothing to my own efforts, but to the platform they both provided me with- I cannot help but have my heart melt for the selflessness of those angels, without whom my world would be nothing worth living in.


Couldn’t love & thank my parents enough ❤


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