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Before I put an end to my trip to Belfast, that we headed for with the intention of attending Insight Day at PricehousewaterCoopers, I reminded myself of how limited the information on the web was about what to expect? How to prepare? What to do? What not to do? Which is why the journey remains incomplete without me writing this blog to make life easier for those contemplating or preparing for Insight Days, just like I was.

For the starters, remember the slots for Insight Days are taken up quickly so sign up as soon as you get your offer, to get the most suitable venue and time but if you fail to find something that best suits you, don’t wait until the next sessions are published. Travel if you have to, but get it over and done with- Save the time later on for applying for internships (Having attended the insight day would only make your Resume look better until then). Remember, the PwC offices are generous enough to reimburse for all your travel expenses so travel if you have to! The case was similar with me; even though I am based in London, I took a days trip to Belfast, which turned out to be a whole lot of experience.

The day begins with you being welcomed by the PwC staff, who escorts you to the presentation rooms. The best thing about Insight Days is that all those questions you had about pay checks, working hours, eligibility criteria, applications etc, would now be answered. That too by the recruiters at PwC themselves. The recruiter placed at that office leads the session on the Insight Day which begins with gathering about fifteen candidates in a presentation room and brief introduction to what it is that you do, your interest in PwC and your expectation from the Insight Day (Remember, Insight Day is all about getting your questions answered and getting a closer look in to what it is that the company does).

The recruiter then runs you through the departments at different offices, opportunities available and applications dos and donts. Later you get involved in a group presentation and an ice breaking activities.

The group presentation included choosing an article from the newspapers- that were provided by PwC, and running a SWOT analysis on the issue, highlighting how PwC could intervene and provide its services and how?

The ice breaking activity was rather fun! Everyone received a certain color of Smarties and each color corresponded to a question e.g. Exaplain an embarrassing moment in your life? If you had one wish that could come true, what would it be?

You also get a chance to meet the employees at PwC who came in to the organization through different routes, they talk about their experience and take any other questions from the candidates. You can also have a chat with the employees over lunch if you please. The day ends with a tour of the offices, taking any questions from the candidates and collecting your goodies.

Insight Day is a great way to get an insight into what is out there and how exactly to approach your future applications and career choices. Even though it is no internship, placement or graduate job- It will look great on your CV, as it tells your potential employers that you have put serious thought into what you wish to do with your career and life. The day is a short, insightful – as the name suggests –  an experience totally worth your time!

Image: View from PwC, Belfast offices


4 thoughts on “PwC: Insight Day

  1. Hello there, i came across this post on your blog, after searching for countless hours about any idea what to expect on the insight day! Mines coming up on this thursday, and i was just wondering whether you’ve had your interview yet or not? they’ve invited me for an interview, but the dates they gave didn’t suit me at all, so i’ve asked for some others. I’ve just got a few questions about it, and was wondering if you’d be able to help me? Also, if you have gotten any news about your interview, have they asked you to attend a conference call? i’ve got mine tomorrow! and again, just wondering what it’ll be like! Thanks 🙂

    • Firstly, good luck with your interview! And if you have already applied and gotten an offer for interview, there might not be so much in their presentations that you could benefit from- But be sure to talk to the recruiter, as they are the ones assessing your applications- take interview tips, talk about your personal experience of application etc. I went to the insight day but realized that financial services wasn’t probably my thing, I am now pursuing a career in business journalism/ development sector, which is why I did not end up applying to PwC. I wish you all the best!

  2. Hi, your blog post is very insightful, for want of a better word! I was just wondering, as I’m a Philosophy and Literature student about the process of getting an Insight Day. I have no idea of how these things work! I’ll be applying for the PwC Insight Day, just to see if it’s for me. So after I apply, will there be an interview, either in person or via telephone? Or do they just ask give you dates to come in based on how impressed they are by your application, seeing it’s just an Insight Day and not an internship? . Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Hayfa,
      Thanks and I am glad the blog was able to help you –
      Also, they usually just reply based on your application, I doubt you would be asked to take an interview or assessment center for an insight day 🙂 Good luck.

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