Picturing: My Utopia

Another day passes by; dealing with another problem, planning for yet another journey that I may or may not walk, writing another story, a day of success, a day of devastation or a moment of inspiration? As I pass another high spirited day full of life, I imagine a Utopia, one that I am always trying to build around me..

The Utopia I imagine is a world where people help and give selflessly; not because that makes you a better person, not because it would some day benefit you; but just because you CAN and someone very rightly said to me that, that too is a business with God- you help with the faith that you would be rewarded in some way, whatsoever.

If your character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you; then courtesy and consideration is only enriching your own character. And it would be a world truly worth living in where everything wasn’t done with a selfish concern.

Everyone has problems and the capability to deal with them- And we all go through difficult times when we sore with hurting, in trouble, when the close ones seem distant and when someone/ something leaves you devastated. The only meaningful way to deal with a bad experience/ behavior is to make sure you are never a reason for bitterness in anyone else’s story. Imagine, if after every problem we went through, we told ourselves, never again! For me or for anyone else. Never again!

In others problems we could see our solutions. And isn’t being generous, kind or giving as much of a gesture to yourself as it is to others? In this cynical, harsh world- We all need that regular dose of optimism, humanity and hope.

Not all Utopias have to be unreal, be the change you want to see! Start now, start small.. Before you finish every single day, make sure you said a word of kindness, eased out someone in need or just brought a smile on someones face. With all the milestones we have for earning money, building a reputation or gaining fame- We need to set targets for a dose of sanguineness too…

Remember, an act of kindness might not make this whole world a better place but it does make your world a better place. Start small, start today… Happy holiday season!


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