That Moment of Spark ….

Success doesn’t come ready made and it sure does have a recipe that people have been trying to hunt down for decades. Bill Gates defines it as ‘never losing the sight of your central aim’; while Richard Branson suggests you enjoy what you do; the pop queen Rihana considers standing our from the crowd to be it.. And the list goes on.

But what is it really that you need, to beat all the odds and make you go to the end of Earth? Is there truly a secret of success? Along with all other secrets of success that people have encountered through the ages, there is one that delineates our direction, inclination and endeavors that follow. It is the moment of realization that takes you out of your comfort zone to make you go that extra mile and that is what it takes for you to stand out from the rest of the crowd- That one moment, be it a failure, loss, victory, debate or a simple gesture- that is what radicalizes your perspective and there is nothing but time between those who truly want something & those who achieve it.

Seize in that moment and grab every little motivation that you can; for it doesn’t come around very often and all it takes is just that one moment and it changes how you see your life and opens countless avenues that you might have overlooked in your tuned in approved routines. Don’t let boundaries hold you back from doing what you CAN do. Chances don’t come around every now and then, so when you see one, you take it & you make the most of it.

While you haggle another other day off; look for that sign, an awakening, that moment of spark, which can be a beginning of an incredible journey, that everyone of us with right will power is very well capable to achieve. What distinguishes those who did and who didn’t is their willingness to take that chance.

Be inspired!


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