Success: A journey

It always awestruck me how strongly people spoke of success, achievements and the motivation to reach them. But one question I failed to answer was what this success that everyone wanted so bad, actually was?

As I began to unveil my thoughts on how people define and practice success, at first I thought it was different for everyone. Success can mean money, losing weight, settling down, quitting a bad habit etc. There are so many different ways in which people perceieve success and choose what they endeavor for. But is that really success? And if so, does it end as you accomplish your ‘goal’?

Probably not, success would more justly be define as a journey, rather than the destination- Is a goal truly worth it if you don’t love the feeling of wanting to get it? And the process of doing so? It is infact enjoying walking along the path you take to achieve your goals and little milestones you accomplish, that makes it all worthwhile! What defines a wholesome success is those little steps that you take to bring you closer to your ultimate goals or milestones.

Success- the process- doesn’t end  at any point in ones lifetime and sometimes not even in lifetimes of many. We are made with no points of Self Actualization, we all want something at all times of our life but that doesn’t mean we never succeed, all that means is that you succeed and fail everyday, month or year and that is what defines your achievement(s). To me, success is when the journey is as meaningful as the destination itself!


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