When Little Things Made a Big Difference…

Tonight as I sat up in nostalgia and missed my childhood, parents and home I sat there staring in the dark for a while, thinking how we had complicated our lives with issues that don’t matter, people that don’t care and things we spend on that don’t mean anything.

We chase after things in life that we don’t need and that we might not even want- have we become materialistic to an undue extent? Why is it that we have bound ourselves in turmoils that in the end do not matter. And if what we chase after: money, cars, leisure, luxury, comfort etc- do not matter, then what does?

Never has any feeling matched the feeling of holding your mother’s hand- Never has a bond been more precious than one that thrived through the difficult times- As we grow up, so do our expectations from life. I was a kid who grew up with the desire to live and breathe like a normal person. And 8 years down the line, the list has become endless- adventure, shopping, fun, achievements, friends, family….

Have we cripled ourselves into being unthankful for little things in life or has life just become too demanding- And if it has, how meaningful are the demands, really?

** Remember the walk of pride back home after helping an old person on the bus, the feeling of being a superhero just because you played a sport- Why is it that we ourselves have become so harsh on ourselves? Have we set standards for ourselves that we always struggle to meet? **

Moments like these can be moving: For you to just stop everything to realise what a long way you have come- be thankful for the blessings that are countless for most of us, not only for distinctive milestones but for things like being able to wake up in health everyday, having someone who cares, having a shelter on your head and parents to look up to.

The times have changed, but what has changed even more acutely are our ways, expectations and demands from life. Progress is a part of life and motivation is what drives it- But while we make the journey let’s not the haste of reaching the destination make us miss out on the little things that make that journey worthwhile. Afterall, its not just the goals and achievements that matter.

The world is no pretty place to be- You’d barely ever see fairy tales come true and there are no prince charmings or chests full of jewels- And it takes firmness to survive the world for what it is. But lets not neglect little things and gestures that bring us happiness, because happiness is the goal, really.


I miss the times when little things made a big difference!


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