50 things to do at QM before you graduate

1. Pull an All-Nigthter in the library
2. Walk through the cemetery after midnight
3. Sun bathe by the Regents Canal
4. Take a picture with red wig in the free freshers’ photo booth
5. Visit all the dorms
6. Get your fortune cookie at World Marche
7. Listen to a guest lecturer
8. Get a drink from the QM Farmer’s Market
9. Attend the End of Term at Drapers
10. Take a picture sitting on the Snooker table in Drapers
11. Befriend seniors: From your and other courses
12. Hold a leadership position in clubs or societies
13. Attend an appointment at the Career Counsellor’s
14. Go rock climbing/ sumo wrestling in Library Square
15. Get an experimental hair-cut
16. Go to the Francis Bancroft Floor 5
17. Come to lecture in last 15 minutes
18. Plank on one of the benches in Library Square
19. Get told off for talking in the library silent zone
20. Join the fresher’s crew
21. Go to a cruise party(s)
22. Volunteer
23. Quit a bad habit
24. Befriend the teacher assistant
25. Forgive: Let it go
26. Finish more than one Nandos’ loyalty rewards card
27. IF YOU WERE LUCKY TO BE HERE BEFORE 2012: Travel for free in 25 Bus
28. Help new comers move in
29. Befriend the Admin
30. Overdose on sugar with the white chocolate chunky cookies from Budgens

31. Go Dixy Chicken after mid-night
32. Sleep in a lecture
33. Borrow 10+ books in a day from the library
34. Prank call a friend
35. Random lunches in Westfield
36. Forget your phone and ID card in library square
37. Play basketball in Mile End park
38. Take a picture with your favourite academic
39. Fly a kite in the university
40. Memorise location of all your favourite stores in Westfield

41. Try your luck at the Aspers Casino
42. Eat at Tayyabs
43. Play Holi at university
44. Cycle to/ from Canary Wharf
45. Buy an over-priced QMUL Hoodie & T-Shirt
46. Learn a new language
47. Snow fight
48. Take lesson: Salsa, Karate, Archery etc
49. Have free pizza in fresher’s fair


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