Are We Truly Communicating?

We live in such an age of digitalization that communication is no longer synonyms with talking or conversing; communication means exchange of cultures, values, money and ideas. This is not restricted to any boundaries or nations; it was a consequence of this that Iranians celebrated the Valentine’s Day in recent years, a practice that was purely Western and permeated to Iran through the digitalized and physical communication. Traveling is fast, sending post is faster and information doesn’t take a second to be sent and received. There are no doubts that this has paced up globalisation and made the markets ‘free’ than ever before; and so the fraud that exists in it. As the industries grow and swiften, so do the flaws in them.

As the conversations become information, how have we changed as individuals and how have our relations and lifestyles been affected? Or is it still the same?

In this boundryless age of absolute clarity and pace; are we really communicating? I live miles apart from my parents and I see them everyday (on the web)- But is it the same? We wish our friends birthdays on facebook- Is it the same?  The system’s efficiency is unquestionable, but are we becoming machines that communicate to coordinate? May be some of us are.

The digital social networks have influenced our economies, lives and people. They have lead revolutions and business but is it an appropriate alternative to life as we knew it? Are we digitalizing our friendships and feelings? And can that work?

In my earlier blog post, Post-Modern Turmoil: Defying the Typical Thought, I talked about a speech by Eli Pariser. He has a very interesting perspective on this. He states that with the immense development in Marketing Information Systems, cookies and tracking methods; primarily targeting sales or profits for firms under capitalism is leading to re-isolation of the communities and people on digital terms. What this means is, that we are still living the same lives and seeing the same horizons (with greater opportunities to not to, though) but barriers that were physical are now digital. In his perspectives we have digitalized our lives!

But how about something of between the Luddites and Eli Pariser. It is great how the technology has made things so much easier and quicker but that is no reasons to dehumanize our friendships and relations. Thank God for online social networks, for they keep you in touch with those who are too far apart; but this is no reasons to not ‘converse’ otherwise? It is NOT a replacement but a compliment. With the lifestyles we live, communication for coordination and administration in our lives is vital but we need to know where to draw the lines, keeping a generous part of your life undigitalized and humane. We were born as social beings; lets keep it that way! Lets say what we mean, be who we are, live what we enjoy and care for what matters.


One thought on “Are We Truly Communicating?

  1. technology has made communication simpler with people who are far away from you, but at the same time it has made communication difficult with person who is sitting just next to you. each relation has its own demands and chatting undue spoils the sanctity of relations
    . online technology should be used within limit keeping in mind the ethical values and the social norms.

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