Apparition of the Society

Recommended by friends, I have lately come across a few really interesting and compelling documentaries which also influenced me to write this blog. It is amusing to me how many of us still fail to respect the significance, existence and potential of womanhood and this is what this blog is dedicated to. As I already mentioned plenty of times in other blog posts, what our societies need is not for any gender to be superior or equal to the other, but to be respected for their differences and placed in the society in appropriate roles.

Saving Face is a documentary lead by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy in Pakistan regarding the domestic violence against women in the country. It included case studies of women who had been burnt and beaten by their families (husbands/ in laws) that affected their whole lives and futures.

The other documentary was an episode of the Satyamev Jayate regarding Female Foetocide in India which highlighted the incredible amounts of people including doctors and families of women, who intentionally abort the female children before their birth. It is a matter of pride for those women who have survived these cruel conditions and are still trying to make a difference for those who can become a victim to such evils.

These initiatives are a positive sense of awareness as these issues, which have existed for decades are now put in the light and hopefully, these initiatives would be put into some positive action in order to cure this illness of the society. A law against the severe violence against women has already been passed in Pakistan which has given hopes to so many out there who are oppressed and helpless.

It is disappointing to see that despite all the advancements in technology, progress in economies and hi-tech lifestyles, many of us fail to understand that all this is worth nothing if it doesn’t change our perspectives on life, make us respect each other and help our societies progress.

Women are no less in capability or intellect. It is amazing that out of the students studying abroad, 76.25% are female and 23.75% are male. Also, the employers are more and more willing to employ women at higher levels of hierarchy. Women show a higher level of soft skills, communication skills, interest in the job content rather than incentives as compared to men in general which is valuable for the employers.

Apart from these facts and figures, imagine the position and importance of women in our life in general. Imagine a life without our mothers to nurture us? Sisters to cherish us? Daughters to love us? Wives to support us? Friends to comfort us?

All religions of the world teach and praise women and their respect in our lives. There is no logical or legitimate reason for anyone to discriminate on the basis of gender. It is even sadder when this trait is seen in people who are well educated and aware. I hope with time we will learn to respect each other and our lives, rethink our behavior with others, realize the fact that we have no power to decide who lives and who doesn’t. I hope some day we wake up to a better and fairer world! If you cannot change the world, the least you can do is change yourself and how you make your decisions and that in itself is the beginning of a positive change.


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