Experiencing the acts of Knowing & Doing

Martin Luther King righteously says Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. It is important to know. This applies to knowledge of the people, world, religion, business, health and current situations one finds themselves in.

Knowledge of world is what defines your understanding of how things in general work, which adds to your ability to thrive. Knowledge of self and situation is important to be able to react, prosper and to affect the situation positively. Knowing can change people’s perspective and perspectives can change people. This includes how they behave, think and affect the environment in return.

For being able to learn and know, you need to have the willingness and openness to be taught. Ignorance is not your fault only until the message hasn’t reached you! You need to be keen & motivated. For those with sanity and desire to do better, this is their very motivation They know the knowledge can help them act better, know better, do better, this is why knowing becomes increasingly important for them.

Knowledge doesn’t only travel in information, but experiences, observations and sensation. The most genuine one out of all is what you closely and directly know or experience as they say, believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see. It’s good to know but it’s not wise to believe everything because if you believe everything you’re told your opinion in the end is just worthless.

Knowing is important, but so is the processing, sorting and perceiving of that knowledge. What your mind constructs of the information you are presented with is another totally original and new construct of the information That can be constructive or destructive. This is why rationalization and weight up options on the scale of logic, applicability and truth is important!

Also, knowing something that’s not complete or knowing one dimension of a situation, object or story limits your understanding and applicability of the information. There are always opposing arguments, which altogether present a more genuine and useful set if information.

As I mentioned in the beginning, knowing is vital because it affects the doing. This is very much so, although with exceptions like cognitive dissonance, emotional or intellectual instability But every human being has their limitations, which does not at all diminish the importance of knowing.



2 thoughts on “Experiencing the acts of Knowing & Doing

  1. very true beta. Knowledge through experience is really important…and similarly knowledge from experienced people. But if coupled with already acquired academic knowledge, it becomes so relevant. well done and proud of you…

  2. Thank you Papa for your comment & influencing the sense of direction in us 🙂
    It is sad how sometimes we see people with such high academic & religious knowledge who make such illogical arguments and actions and its sad. Its waste of the knowledge they have.

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