15 Things to do before I turn 25

As I come closer to hitting 20, a significant milestone in everyone’s life, I think about what I would want to have achieved, done and reached in another 5 years. Life as it is, we cannot control the exact direction it takes, people we meet and things we do but we can aim, rationalise everything we do and enjoy as we do it!

Apart from the hundreds of places life takes me and things I get to do, here is a list of what I want to have done by the time I hit 25. Some of these have already been accomplished while others I still can 🙂

Bungee Jumping

Fly a Plane
This is a little daring one, given the fact that my hand eye coordination is not very brilliant, which also makes me a scary driver. But what’s there to life if you don’t challenge your abilities and do something big. The desire of flying a plane has its roots in the fact that I have seen my father as a fighter pilot since the time I was born and I have grown to be very fond of it!

Study Abroad
This is one of the things I have had on my wish list for a while, and I am accomplishing it at the moment. Throughout my A levels, the milestone I had in my mind was to study in London and here I am  studying at Queen Mary after all those years of tireless efforts and studying. Although this journey continues, I would love to explore further, study in other countries or perhaps travel for work and research.

Work as a Professional Writer/ Editor

This is another path along which I have already started to walk. I had always imagined myself as an editor or writer as I love writing and working with images and photgraphy, especially when it comes to fashion. Hopefully can build on that in future!

Buy a Professional Camera
I just met this milestone lately by purchashing my first professional camera and I doubt I would have to upgrade for a good few years as I love it! Although once I grow more proficient with the functions I might think of upgrading the accessories and lenses. Otherwise, this ones been done!

Take a Photography Course
Now that I have a professional camera I can go for a photography course to get a better grasp on doing something I love and making the most of what I have! This one is soon coming around.

Go to Malaysia/ Maldives
As I mentioned in one of earliest posts on this blog, Malaysia and Maldives fall in my list of  the ’10 Most Exotic Places in the World’. For leisure, work, research or studies I would love to visit the two countries. The most attractive attributes that put Malaysia/ Maldives into my top 10 list are the sand beaches, sunny weather, spas, theme parks and shopping!!

Go on a Tour around Europe
This is another one of those which I have partially accomplished. I have already been to Paris, but there are some countries that I would love to visit, while I am still here in London for my degree! The top Europe locations on my list are Spain, Italy and Switerland.

Since you’re a child you dream about a few milestones in your life, including this one. Graduation comes with its stress of uncertainity, having to leave the world of books and entering the real world for the first time. For me, I have already had my high school graduation but the first degree graduation that is expected next year is going to be a memorable point of my life, like everyone else’s.

Settle Down
By the end of 25 I would like to see more stability and direction in my life. Start a family, relationships, widen the circle of friends, meet new people, learn from them! The professional and academic achievements are incomplete without the satisfaction of having a good personal life and companionship.

Scuba Diving

10, 000 Hits on the Blog
As of now the blog made 3000 hits in less than an year of my blog’s existence. Given that, 10,000 seems like a realistic and progressive target?

Academic Publication
Being a keen writier, researcher and student, I would like to make some difference to the way people see, study and analyse things in the academic world, as I truly believe in the power of knowledge and studying. It can change people’s perspective and perspectives can change people. With every little theory, practise or concept I am faced with I try to add something new to it and give my contribution. Hopefully by 25 I would have made a contribution significant enough to be accounted for in the academic world.

Own a Solitaire
Diamond is a girl’s best friend. No matter how overrated this phrase might seem, it still exists in every girl’s heart. Even though I am not a huge fan of gold/ diamond jewellery but this is one piece of jewellery I would love to own in the years to come.

Make a significant Social/ Welfare Contribution
Life is incomplete if you spend it thinking solely about yourself. The fact that you have so much means may be you can create the means for someone else too. This is not an acitivity or achievement, its a lifestyle and attitude to help, give and contribute. And I would like to leave the world as a better place and give in my contribution!


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