What Makes Learning Worthwhile?

From birth to death bed, we spend time meeting people, learning new things, discovering things, helping others- Perhaps mischiefing at times. There is so many experiences and information a person comes across: But what do you take away from that? What is the point of it? What do you give away from it?

I have broken an idealistic approach into milestones in the respect as to what the experience should bring about and mean in our lives?

-Educate: Initially we familiarize ourselves with whatever we come across, we learn how thing work, why they work, our knowledge about what already exists increases.

-Test: The second stage is once you settle in a system and you practise and experiment within this system. This is where your values become increasingly important. How honest, fair, productive, realistic, loyal, courteous you were? This is the phase you start to take control!

– Innovate & Discover: Once you understand, implement and participate in the system (Successfully of Unsuccessfully) You are now in a position to add to what already exists- This is what many people forget to do, which makes their experience and leaning’s outcome very limited- It might not be a very big contribution but every thought, every contribution, every piece of knowledge- No matter how significant or insignificant counts! And sharing it with others is what makes it worthwhile. This doesn’t have to be large scale! My blog itself is an example of this. Another streamlined example of this is Open Source databases for Research and Development, in which you are provided with data and your contributions/ work on that data is bound to be submitted back for further research into the data. This becomes increasingly important in the age of knowledge but it always will be that’s why ‘Rab e Zid ni Ilma- My Lord, Increase me in knowledge’. What separates us from animals is rationality, knowledge, purpose and discipline.

Also, the phase of learning/ education is a continuous one. It persists after the ‘test’ and during the ‘discovery’ and even later on, that’s why it is a lifestyle rather than an activity.

-Action: Lastly, the phase without which all others are useless is ‘action’. Having learned, preached and improved, now is the time to apply. Make improvements, don’t’ make the same mistake again, be the change you want to see, walk the talk! And this is how the initiative flows from you to all others.

Knowledge transfer and social cognition occurs all the time, make sure its worth something! Change, improve, or just formulate a wiser character!


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