Life and Crisis

Life wouldn’t be so interesting without the ups and downs it takes you through. Not everything that happens in your life is good but not everything is bad either. There is always different dimensions to one situation, and it depends on our perception, emotions and mental state to see a certain dimesion. This is highly relevant to what happens when we go through crisis. In the innitial stages you are more likely to focus on the negative sides of it, but gradually as you reason with yourself and the given circumstances to see other dimensions of it, that are more positive and rational.


There are very stages of crisis explained in the series Grey’s Anatomy, that are very interesting. According to them, you come across a situation that gives you shivers because the loss is so unimaginable. That’s when you fight! You try everything you can to fix it, you don’t give up, you don’t accept what has happened because you still believe you can make it work. You try until you can’t anymore. After this stage comes Denial, when you cannot believe the event has actually happened, it barely feels real. You disregard whatever has happened and formulate an explanation that is more reassuring. But soon the concequences become too evident to be ignored and one goes into depression. You know something has happened but it hurts to let go, realize the loss and move on. It ends at acceptance, where you realistically accept what has had happened, this is when one regains their sanity and actually moves on.


Its difficult to change direction, let go of the efforts you put it, hopes you had sky highs and to find a new direction. Human beings are made stronger than they usually think they are! They have the capacity to improve, change, adapt, and forget and that’s what makes us capable of surving the crisis in our lives. Time does not heal everything, but it teaches us to live with whatever has happened and look forward to whatever’s yet to come. It helps you think rationally, constructively, practically and it teaches you to survive the world for what it is!



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