Rising Women

On 08 March 2012, we celebrate the potentials and dignity of our women all over the world on International Women’s Day. I am dedicating this blog post to all those women who are striving to achieve something, who have made a change in the past and have done or aspire to do great things in their lives.

Regardless of the deprivation women have faced in the past, they are on the climb of their potentials, glory and achievements at the moment. It was only recently, that one of the brightest Pakistani women Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, brought pride to the country by securing Pakistan’s first Oscar. She said ‘all the women in Pakistan working for change, don’t give up on your dreams, this one is for you’ thus encouraging them to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.

It is amazing that out of the students studying abroad, 76.25% are female and 23.75% are male. Also, the employers are more and more willing to employ women at higher levels of hierarchy. Women show a higher level of soft skills, communication skills, interest in the job content rather than incentives as compared to men in general which is valuable for the employers.

Apart from these facts and figures, imagine the position and importance of women in our life in general. Imagine a life without our mothers to nurture us? Sisters to cherish us? Daughters to love us? Wives to support us? Friends to comfort us?

I personally do not believe in equality of genders, but I believe in something even more special! The women as beings are so different and unique from men, and they deserve their own place in the societies, schools and offices. Their mental and intellectual capabilities are second to none, but their natures filled with kindness, love and generosity makes them even more special! Enabling them to bring up another life from their own, loving selflessly, giving without self interest- That’s a being who deserves recognition, love and reward not only from the organizations, corporations and schools but from people.

It is hard to deny the capabilities of a woman who can run a house, work jobs, study, support others and raise a family all at once. One of the most unfortunate things I have seen happening in life is the manipulation of the kind and loving nature of the women to gain any sort of advantage, which is not only unfair but unethical and immoral! So women, who wish to achieve something in their lives, don’t be put of by the people who tell you, you can’t! Don’t look at the limitations but the opportunities Don’t look at those who try to deceive and manipulate you, focus on those who cherish you and value your true self! Be your guard, make God your support and friend in your endeavours and you shall survive the people and matters that scare you and put you off, to be able to do great things that you were made to do :). We don’t have to be ‘equal’ to men when we can be something even better: ourselves, women!

Lastly, this blog post would be incomplete without saying what a wonderful woman I was raised by. She taught us to learn, live, thrive, achieve and enjoy at the same time. She is one of the very few people I idealize in life!


2 thoughts on “Rising Women

  1. i believe women r better then men but r not being given the value and rights which god had given them. we need to strive for ours rights so we can get some respect in our homes and society. promote women education as education gives u the confidence to face the world. educating a boy u educate one man but educating a girl u educate the whole family as mothers have a major role in bringing u the children.

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