Top Tips for Writing a CV

Top tips for writing your CV from my professional blog at Hotcourses.

It is a good idea to start your career building during your study time of the degree at university. The growing competition in the job market requires for individuals to start their careers at a very early stage by getting involved with part time employment, voluntary work and internships. To be able to benefit from all these opportunities you would need to formulate a CV. This can be a tricky task and here are some of the top tips that can come in handy:

Be Honest

One thing to always keep in mind is that employers check and confirm what you write in your CV. This includes all your achievements, work experience and educational background. Its for this reason that one should never make up anything in their CV. Be honest about your experiences and their outcomes, this way you would also present a realistic picture: another thing that the employers appreciate!

Be Precise

Employers have tens of CV and resumes to go through for a single job post so they cannot pay much attention and time to every CV. Be precise and make it easier for the employers to pick on the key points. Use exact numbers, percentages, dates and events with short sentences to get your message through.

Add Personal Thought

The employers are not only interested in what you have already done. They look out for your interests, ambitions and objectives. Its always a good idea to mention an account about your contribution in your past work experiences and what you hope to gain from the certain job or post you are applying to.

Smart Use of Punctuation

As I mentioned earlier, the employers are not likely to spend too much time on one CV, that is why you need to make it easier for them to pick on the key points. For this matter, punctuation can be very useful. Use bullet points where possible, make the important titles bold or underline them. Proper use of punctuation will not only make it easy for the employer to go through your CV but also make it professional, neat and organized.

Watch your Grammar!

Employers can be highly put off by a grammatical or spelling mistake. Its only two pages that represents all your skills, experiences and knowledge which is why it needs to be done perfectly! Keep an eye on the commas, spellings, capital letters and other punctuation marks to ensure they have been used appropriately.

Customize it

Making a general CV with all your educational and professional experiences is a start point. Submitting a general CV for every job you apply to although, would not be a great idea! Customize your CV according to each of the jobs that you are applying to. Look at the job description and think which educational and professional experience is relevant to that job and which skills should you mention on your CV. You might also wish to change the order in which your achievements are listed on your CV, with most relevant ones on the top.

Self-Awareness is a Gift!

This tip is not only for formulating your CV, but also for your interviews and assessments centers. It is best to know your strengths, weaknesses, interests and wants. You should have a clear idea of what you have already done, what you have achieved from it and what you wish to do in future. This is why you should never hesitate to mention your contribution or take credit. Take charge for the things you have done well along with those that you didn’t. Employers appreciate applicants who are clear and confident about themselves and about the company.

Keep it Up-to-Date

Make sure before you submit your CV it has all relevant information to date. It is also a good idea to emphasize most on your recent achievements as compared to old ones.

Ask for Assistance.

Once you are done with your CV and are ready to apply for the post you are interested in, get second opinion. They righteously say ‘two minds are better than one’ and its even better if you can have a career counselor have a look at your CV. They can help you prepare for interviews and assessments centers as well. They are professionals and would tell you about anything you can improve to best target the job market.


Source: Hotcourses


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