Top 10 Experiences while Studying

Here’s apost for the university students, from my blog with Hotcourses.

Your time at university is valuable and this is the time which will determine your future academic and professional path. You will get presented with exciting experiences and such opportunities and this time will never come again. We have narrowed it down to ten things you ought to do while studying for your degree, to ensure that you are well prepared for the challenges that follow.

1. Intern: There is no better way of experiencing the real world as a student than to intern. It gives you a chance to not only build your resume but enhance your skills and develop familiarity with the real work culture. It also you helps find out what you really want to end up doing, once you graduate.

2. Experiment: Taking up different subjects of study, interning with diverse companies and opting for a range of part time jobs might seem risky but it helps you identify your strong and weak points, areas of interests and shows flexibility in your nature to your potential employers. While you still have time with studying, make the most of it.

3. Volunteer: Volunteering is an amazing opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, make friends and gain valuable experience. Volunteering tells your potential employers about your dedication towards work and learning.

4. Focus on your Grades: Although the co-curricular and extra curricular hold an immense importance in your career building but the main focus of your time at university should not be forgotten. With the job market getting tougher with competition everyday, graduates with best grades stand out when it comes to future employment.
5. Build Milestones: Working towards something always adds fun to challenges and provides motivation. Be it something personal or professional. For example gaining a certain level of work experience by the time you graduate. Wish lists are an amazing way to make it fun! Remember to treat yourself on accomplishment of every personal milestone you build for yourself.

6. Travel: Having traveled in different places for education, employment or leisure adds understanding of diverse cultures and work ethics that are valuable to the employers. It shows you are flexible, you enjoy change and accept challenges. This open mindedness is valued by employers when it comes down to finding a graduate job!

7. Careless Alert: Remember everything no matter how big or small is noticed by people you network with and those who assess you at university or for employment. Be careful with spellings, punctuation and grammar in your Resumes and Essays. This is one mistake made frequently by young job seekers and students which very avoidable.

8. Attend Career Events: Even if you are not in your final year and are not supposed to be finding a graduate job right now, attending career events gives you a clearer perspective on the job market and focus. It gives you an excellent podium to network with executives from companies well in advance, thus putting you ahead of everyone else in the selection process. Remember 66% of the jobs never make it to the paper so networking is essential!

9. Read and Write: Subscribe to your favorite blogs, read magazines you like or look up your professor’s research that you find interesting. It increases your know how beyond you ‘d expect and keeps you up to date. Even if writing is not your field, it can show you a lot things about yourself. It can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and show you what you are good at.

10. Encourage Flexibility: The job market nature is so that it matters less what you do and more how well you do it. The work nature is more generalized than ever. Training programmes are effective and brief which means companies prefer a range of different experiences, skills and abilities in your portfolio. So enjoy discovering yourself and your abilities. Good Luck!


Source: Hotcourses


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