Why choose materialism over feelings?

Referring to the two posts earlier (Did we know what iPhone was doing to us and Eastern and Western social ways of valuing money) where I questioned the contemporary lifestyle of materialism and brand frenzy replacing the values, friendship and love in modern societies. With growing experience, knowledge and realisations I have grown an understanding of why people might decide to choose a lifestyle with foundations so weak and worthless.


It is worth mentioning that the pace of life and challenges faced by the people in both personal and professional lives today are incredible. Things need to be done quickly and efficiently. And due to capitalism (as I mentioned in my review of the Capitalist Realism: Is there no Alternative?) there is a decrease in social cohesion and personal well being and grooming alongside.


It is interesting how all of this sums up to make up my argument for choosing materialism over people and love? With the lifestyles today, people have less tolerance and low emotional quotients as they would have in circumstances more stable and secure. Things are reliable, they have a certain capacity to work and please you, however real relationships and bonds among people take effort, consideration, commitment and hard work for them to be rewarding while things only require money. But then there is the question of what money means without affection?


So even though the materialist approach to life is worthless in real terms, it is easier and simple. But there is a very narrow limit to what things can produce and give, this is not the case with people. Although they are unpredictable and their thoughts don’t always align but the reward that comes from it is long lasting and real: At the end of the day we are social beings and we all long the desire to own and be owned.


Things in the work place are not so intense but the importance of people and Human Resources is very crucial, because its people who make the culture, productivity and performance at the end of the day. But importance of technology and materials is higher for the work places than social setups. My question remains the same, how much real happiness can the materialism and productivity bring? Can it replace love and longness? My answer is a No!


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