Why health beats every other need!


Many a times in life we forget to acknowledge things that actually mean the most. Sometimes these things are also the ones that are most important and enable you to achieve things that you desire, perform duties towards people and work and every other activity that one incorporates into their lives.

The idea is as basic as, human beings need living healthy body functioning to be able to breathe and stay alive. But even a slight dysfunction in any department of this absolutely vital area, leads to the discomfort that takes away that ability to achieve, thrive and enjoy. This is why I rated health as the most desirable thing for Human Beings throughout their life times.

Having mentioned this, it is disturbing how people, usually with the intention of enjoyment or thrill, take up activities that increase their chances of ill-health and thus making them unable to achieve great things and, may be, work for the better. Activities like use of tanning beds and smoking directly effect the health of people who take it up and the people around that person, which is just not fair with the blessings that we have been bestowed with.

It is also disturbing how not only the individual behaviors of people but also the behavior of firms is adversely affecting the environment and health of the beings on our planet.

They say if you want to know the value of something, ask the person who doesn’t have it! Value your blessings while you have them.


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