Post-Modern Turmoil: Defying the Typical Thought

For all of those who have been asking themselves the same question as I have been to myself: ‘what happens after post modernism’, the beginning of formulation of that answer is here!


In my earlier blogs I have addressed the concerns of post-modern practices by corporations towards society and people, along with other subjects. And at the same time I rose the question of what happens next. This amazing speech by Eli Pariser, an executive at the, presented a scenario that I believe can generate the situation that follows post-modernism.


The focus of this speech remained with targeting the best and positive aspects that technology was believed to be leading to. For example networking and INTERNET was meant to bring the world closer, thus leading to globalisation? Although the concept of globalist is much more diverse, lets limit the question to: Is it really performing the task that people imagined it to? (Even when critiquing INTERNET and networking).


Having grown too much in the field it seems like the world again is going back to where it was from being physical to digital. So digitalization has no doubt occurred but its effects now and in future can be much different as compared to what masses have been expecting. Due to the immense development in Marketing Information Systems, cookies and tracking methods; primarily targeting sales or profits for firms under capitalism is leading to re-isolation of the communities and people on digital terms.


Earlier in the day with less exposure to INTERNET, people were concerned with their own limited surroundings and understanding of things. Then use of INTERNET became more common and people thought it would lead to openness and narrowing of boundaries: both intellectual and national. And now is the phase when the exposure does not quite seem same people had deemed a while ago.


We talk about panopticism, lack of individualism, lack of privacy, exposure of unwanted content etc as concerns lead by INTERNET and networking. But are these really the issues we need to be worry about now? Or are we supposed to be worried about that fact that even though we have the potential to see beyond the horizons, we limit ourselves to a boundary made digitally for us. Or should we even be concerned about this? Is it better that we are going to repeat on the patterns of the past in just a different way!


I see there is lots of pondering to do! Absolutely loved this really different and fresh perspective by Eli. Absolutely worth sharing.




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