Facing the 21st Century Job Market

As of today, every dedicated student and especially the people who are aiming to be a part of the corporate world in future get exposed to the job market in their penultimate year of study i.e. second year of the bachelors degree. Compared to what happened a few years ago, with our parents or their parents or even our elder siblings; this is an astonishingly early time for a student to start focusing on career so seriously.

I remember listening to the typical ideas of professionals being born and getting jobs only after their masters finished; which seems incredibly unreasonable and late if you think about it today! With the technological advancement especially in the networking and communication along with global integration, market demands and the financial melt down: the job market itself is very challenging to enter in to. This is one phase I am finding very interesting but challenging at the same time. Transitions are never easy and there is a lot to learn and get used to: getting linkedin profiles, applying for internships, working part time jobs, attending career events, thinking on a very specific note what you want to see yourself doing professionally and being able to do so are some of the imperatives.

We are only 19 years old students; aiming for multinationals to work in to which is great! But it does not only come with the possible outcomes of young successful professionals and entrepreneurs. It comes with the stress of rejection, motivation to carry on, adaptability to new technology every now and then and to be able to thrive and compete in a competition sky high.

Being only a student; I have three jobs and some reasonable work experience in the past including two internships and other voluntary and paid positions- Like most good students progressing to their final years in London today. But this predicament comes with the challenges we would be faced with all our lives.

The other day, my microeconomics lecturer pointed out a fact that I found very bitter to accept; but well it is the truth: She said after graduating and spending huge sums of money towards your degree student expect to get nice jobs, big salaries and benefits but on real term most of our lives would be spent competing in that fiercely competitive job market with recession, job cuts and double dip on its way.

The job market is fierce out there but the opportunities still are there, and additionally there is an opportunity to create an opportunity for yourself by being creative! The key is to be well prepared and well aware of all the avenues one can make use of. The rest we’d learn as we go along.



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