Intellect never asked for your identity!

Many might say, the people in west have broader perspectives on things- If you asked me and gave it a little thought for yourself you’d realize the only thing about their perspectives is that their ideas are western- Just as unwelcoming to the eastern thought as western thought might be in east and it is similar to the way people have eastern perspectives in east. And among both of them are the people who think global and have broader perspectives. And intellect, perspectives or abilities are not in any way dependent on where you come from or where you belong. Yes, there are so many other things that contribute to how you see things including experiences, skills, education etc.

So, the key to understand here is- Cultures do not define each and every person. Yes there are general patterns that might be similar but stereotypical assumptions about people, their thinking and knowledge fails to have any solid reasoning to it. Its time we grew above the stereotypes of people and predicted their psychology and habits on basis of that- Its time we as individuals defined our cultures rather than having cultures define who we are!

In a global world like today’s nothing beats the necessity of acceptance and learning. Being a knowledge driven society, we are more likely and justified to be judged on our thoughts, achievements and abilities.


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