Experience Rolls Royce- Assessment Center

A long hectic two days event in Derby- Miles away from London comprising of a dinner with the corporate, two tests, two interviews, lunch, group activities and group presentation, individual presentation and trip around the Rolls Royce heritage facility. Sounds (And is) a lot to do in only two days with the hours of journey both ways to and from London each day but is an experience totally worth it. Its about meeting great and diverse people from places you’ve never been and getting to know their experiences that astonish you.

The day 1 started with four hours of journey and welcome to the Jury’s Inn, a personal trip around Derby High Street and then a dinner at Limes Bar. Coming from London its surprising how neat, calm and happy Derby seems (Not sure how long it takes for that to get depressing though). So, its day 1- I arrive at the Limes Bar and am directed to this table of ten at the corner, shocked by the small size of the group I reconfirmed if that was the right group and finally joined the three HR Director Executives from RR, two other Summer Internship Candidates and four Graduate Scheme Candidates. I was puzzled to see with us post grads discussing their experiences and education background. So much of individual attentional for recruitment of company like RR was impressive and surprising. The talking stays no limited to education and profession but traveling, corporate decision in RR in the past, desserts etc. The day ends with intense pressure build up for what happens next day. Back to the hotel (which by the way was very impressive, booked and taken care of by RR)- around 10ish.

Next day, early morning with breakfast at 7am and taxi waiting outside Jury’s at 7. 50am to head down to the RR facility. Beginning of a day- So hectic and stressful but absolutely worth it regardless of the outcome- positive or negative. Us 7 were welcomed by the RR HR representative and presented with the whole day’s plan. It all began with a tea/ coffee with the corporate followed by an individual case study that involved reading a case study for thirty minutes and providing solution to deal with that specific problem being an executive of that company. The thing to keep in mind is there is no right or wrong answer, there is only a strong or weak argument. It was followed by a technical interview, where again a business scenario was presented in approximately 50 pages of text with statistics, emails and surveys. Being an HR director you needed to address some issues and present solutions to them to a RR HR Representative. That was followed by a psychometric test with 36 questions in 45 minutes. A lot of thinking but exam was fairly do-able.

After that was a guided trip around the RR heritage facility that ran us through the background history, major management decisions from the past and their outcomes along with a viewing session of RR engines and motors. It was finally time for lunch which again was scheduled with the corporate- Amazing food though! It was now the time for a personal interview and individual presentation with the presentation lasting 10 minutes and personal interview lasting 45.

The questions got more tricky as they progressed but being honest is the key to dealing with questions when it comes to personal interviews. Right after this was the numerical test with 35 questions to be attempted in 45 minutes which was incredible puzzling and lengthy. With no delay was our group case study where we were watched by two HR executives while we worked out a business strategy to deal with a business scenario for 30 minutes, followed by our final task for the day- a presentation about our business strategy that was designed and proposed by us. By 4. 00pm we were all free and exhausted when we were dropped off to the train station on the taxi.

An incredibly challenging experience, pushing you to the limits, especially being a student- it is worth the exposure and experience it gives you. Regardless of what happens with the results, this was one event that added so much to my experience and knowledge of myself and Rolls Royce. Its amazing what sort of people you get to meet and things you get to witness- that inspire you and those that don’t. The point is, when something comes your way, make the most of it- Whatever is a success- Follows. Whatever is not- Gives you exposure.



22 thoughts on “Experience Rolls Royce- Assessment Center

  1. Hello,
    thanks so much for your post. I was trying to find out more about RR assesment centres in the Internet and there’s hardly anything!
    I have my AC for a HR internship soon and I’m quite stressed. Especially of the technical knowledge part, I’m no really studying HR, so my knowledge is limited. Do they expect you to know a lot?
    Also, is does the case study involve a HR issue or business in general? Could you give an example? I would really aprreciate some adivce for you!

    • I am glad the post helped you!
      Well, they give you a whole lot of information to read and comprehend, obviously they expect you to know a little about how HR works, but they understand that you are only students so try and be logical and back up your analysis with the information they give you. The statistics with guide you, don’t worry about that! Just get some good sleep, you want to be fresh for all the interviews and tests that come along.
      As far as the case study is concerned, it is a general business question: the question I got was, if you are responsible for a project at the company and your sub-ordinate gets an anonymous call saying that they know your competitor’s tender quotations and they will sell it to you for $5000, and if you turn down this offer they would sell the competitor your tender quotations for the same amount, what would you do in such a situation?
      Stuff like that, pretty general!
      Good Luck for your Assessment Center, hope you do well!

      • I applied for a summer internship this year for electrical engineering. Interesting to see how that goes. Hoping to reach the assessment day !!
        Your post is very helpfull 🙂

  2. Maryam,

    Thank you for the detailed post. Its very informative. I got an invite for completing the psychometric tests by Rolls-Royce. I could attend only 15 out of 18 questions in the Numerical Reasoning. Is that good enough? #nervous

    • Dear Sudharsan,
      I am glad the post helped you in some way. I think it is more about how many questions you got right, than how many you attempted. Considering that you got 15 out of 18 correct, should be a good markup for your application. I hope you hear from them soon and good luck!!

  3. thanks for writing your experience at rolls-royce,very valuable for us who are now applying there,recently i got an invitation to psychometric tests for their graduate professional excellence program,what i want to know is that during your technical interview are they asking questions related to your field or is it an interview based on broad field?..also during the psychometric test how many correct answers are enough to get a call….i know i asked lots of questions but we are too anxious to know everything…lastly i want you to thank for writing your experience because it helps a lot of people…

    • Hey Bikash,

      Before I went for my assessment center, I thought there weren’t many personal accounts of what happens on one and that was the reason I wrote it and it makes me so happy to know that it helps.

      The technical interview is related to your own field. As I was applying for HR, I got a document that I had to analyse, comment on and discuss with the interviewee. So I guess revising across your field would be a good idea.

      As for the psychometric tests, I am not completely sure what you need to score, but I used to be comfortable with them in general and I did get a call. I am sure you would hear from them soon about the results. Good Luck!

    • Bikash,

      Apologies for Barging in! How many questions could you attempt given the time constraints? I applied for an Engineering position as well. So, we might be compared to a similar absolute scale. In my case, I could attempt 15 out of 18 in Numerical reasoning and around 16 out of 24 in Abstract reasoning.

      • Hi Sudarshan,
        i applied for Engineering – Component & System Design,so if your division is same then its more probably one over other,In the numerical reasoning i was able to attempt only 12questions(i got the answer correctly on those) and then had to quickly solve other for which i am not sure about their accuracy,In abstract reasoning i attempted 19,and remaining 5questions are just guess work due to time contraint…honestly i am not happy with my performance..good luck to you though

  4. Dear Maryam,

    wonderful job, your post was really helpful! A few days ago I ‘ve got my invitation to the assessment day for the RR engineering programme. Could you please, give me a bit more information about the personal interview and individual presentation?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hey Andreas.

      I am so glad that the blog helped you and I wish you all the best for your assessment centre.

      Also, it has been a while since I took my assessment centre at RR, so my information might not be absolutely up to date, but I hope it gives you some overview in general.

      The personal interview had general interview questions like, why do you want to work for RR, why Human Resources, which part of human resources at RR, why that department. They might also discuss some specific work experiences or educational experiences of yours with you.

      The individual presentation is like a meeting, really. They give you some material and half an hour to understand it and make conclusions and you discuss you recommendations of how to improve performance or deal with a certain problem, using those resources. These resources included emails, factories performances etc. I am guessing this would be more technical for Engineering Programme.

      I hope this helps!

      • Hey Maryam!

        Your post again was very informative! Talking about individual presentaton Ι meant the “sell yourself presentation”. Is there any tip/example? what was the form of your handouts?

        Thank you a lot again!

      • Oh, well! I think just keep it structured. Talk about your education and work experience in general first and then say why you are specifically suited for the role and hopefully a conversation would spring from within the course of your presentation?

        And the handouts were emails from different stakeholders, information on factories locations, capacities and performance..

        I hope this helps!

        You’re very welcome.

  5. Hi Maryam!
    Thank you so much for your post, which is incredibly helpful! I will have my AC soon. You mentioned that you had to take the numerical test after the personal interview. Could you please tell me what psychometric test you were required to take after the technical interview? Was it possibly the logical one or rather a personality-related test?
    Many thanks in advance! I highly appreciate your advice.

    • Hey Jess,

      I am so glad the post helped you!

      The test was a logical reasoning one. However I did this ages ago so I am not sure how relevant the information would be now. I am sure you can expect something ‘similar’ though.

      All the very best to you!


  6. Hi Maryam!

    Thank you so much for your info! Were the psychometric tests online or a pen and paper version? Thank you!!!

    Best wishes


  7. Dear Maryam
    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience. It was really clarifying how challenging a job application can get. I have 10 days to complete the very first online assessment of rolls-royce. I’d appreciate if you advice me some ideas of how it will be, any exam samples or…
    Aryan Chalay Amoly

  8. Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful post. It was very informative and then the latter comment were even more. 🙂
    I was just wondering about the travel allowance. Does RR provides TA or any financial aid for the candidates from outside UK to the assessment centre?


    • Hi there,
      Thanks Sumit. I am glad it was useful for you.
      From what I can remember they covered all expenses (train, taxi, hotel etc) but there was no other payment made for disturbance. This was a couple of years ago though, so always worth checking again?

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