Did we know what iPhone was doing to us?

Earlier in the day I read one of the facebook page’s status as: “To Steve Jobs, and all the apple users, who will always be loyal to the iPhones.” I couldn’t help but be amazed and impressed at how people are making promises for their future loyalty to iphones even after the visionary is no more. Brand frenzy does not get better than this!

Sure Steve Jobs did a wonder by bringing Apply. plc where it is now and for being responsible for gadgets that people can relate to so deeply. But we do not often think of what these brands, commodities, gadgets and products do to our lives and to us as individuals. What happened to being yourself? Original and valuing matters of substance? It is this flexibility and adaptability of consumers the corporations use to their advantage. They introduce something, make it convenient for you and then they make you dependent on it to an extent where it stops being a commodity and more a part of your life, an identity, a matter to base social divisions on. Its no less than brain washing. It is in fact the neat and modern way of slowly brain washing individuals to help corporations widen their profits.

Funny world it is- where loyalty is promised to gadgets and people are addressed to and treated as commodified ‘labor POWER’. The unfortunate devaluation and replacability of people is immense and astonishing if you- for a while- un-habituate from the system and look at it as an external source. Ask yourself how many people today desire for honesty, love and friends? Now compare that to how many people might want iphones or ipods?

Corporations have done such an amazing job of relating longness to commodities. In this age you don’t own things because you need them- you represent and define yourself with them. Its time we realized when we go for shopping we don’t buy outfits and gadgets. We buy identities! This would seem to do justice if it only meant representing and expressing yourself, but the commodities don’t only define you but they influence you and change your wants, desires and identity. Having understood what is happening because of the integration of people and market- The question arises what’s going to happen next?


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