Western & Eastern social ways of valuing money.

Being the consumption ridden society of west it sure means products, services and luxuries of excellent quality and quantity and to not just the riches but the common people. It sounds like a very happy society if thought of from the perspective of a common man and not the system which drives it. Sure, the consumer society is not sustainable and costly for the third world and people who make it possible but even solely from the consumer’s perspective is it really happy?

Coming to think of it more deeply, probably not- too much of anything leads to its devaluation. It stops being about needs and essentials, demands go off the roof and happiness is tied to products and brands rather than values, friendship and love. Cash withers away, systems break down, things rot down but trust and people stay by (Or as I may say- should IDEALLY stay by) But the commodity fetish and brand frenzy brain washes people to an extent where products drive happiness and not the matters of essence.

Things are quite different if you go towards the East. Money has much more value, although the quality of life is compromised on- But it goes without saying what makes up for that gap. When you are in the East all you need to be 100% happy is some money because you already have all the emotional requirements well fed with family, friends, trust, relationships, bonds etc. And those are the bonds that do not wither away with breaking down of things or bankruptcy. But then all you need is for the essentials to be taken care of. In the west money is everywhere but not the true happiness. And even if it is; the happiness is tied to elements with no assurance.

Seeing from this perspective the true value of money is questionable and variable for people and masses. It might just be a depiction of the fact that if you have it its worthless if you don’t then that’s all you can ask for!


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