The True Pakistan

A beautiful country ridden with dictatorship and political failures- With religion as perfect as Islam- Potential of youth sky highs – Nature as scenic as the Himalayas- Land as rich as Baluchistan. The country at present brings with herself a story of mismanagement, corruption and unawareness but lets not forget a nation like the French took 400 years to establish a stable government and its only been 64 years since Pakistan came into being. Countries grow in centuries not years.

Its unreasonable to ignore all that the country holds just for what it doesn’t YET. It would be fair to say that Pakistan is a land of rich culture, heritage and holds great potential. Having produced scientists like Dr. Abdul Qadir she is the first country in the Muslim world to go nuclear. Each province out of the five holds something diverse to offer- Punjab splashes the fancy dresses, historical landmarks, natural beauty and urban core from Lahore and Multan to Islamabad. Sindh with Karachi and Hyderabad are the metropolitcan centers of the country. Cafes, restaurants, malls, beaches and yatchs to entertain and enrich all ages and sorts. Baluchistan holds reserves for Natural Gas, Silver, Gold, Copper and Oil- Still not urbanized or developed and in hands of corrupt bodies much of the resrouces are wasted and used to no good of the country herself. World’s most beautiful and unexplored valleys, waterfalls, cliffs with crystal clear water and lush green grass rests in Kashmir, with their cultural dances and traditional outfits Kashmir has more than just scenery to offer. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has to be the most disoriented and disturbed region of the country at the moment which diminished the value of Malam Jaba Ski Resort, Peshawar Museum, the beautiful Swat Valley and Naran.

The country has a strong history of theatre which now can be witnessed in the Counsel of Art’s shows and other plays conducted by young students and diverse professionals. The Himalayas extend to the K2 ranges- Highest mountain range of the World. The place is without exageration a heaven on earth, freezing crystal clear water, huge waterfalls and cliffs, narrow valleys and a flawless combination of greenery and rock. The fruit and dry fruit both are one of a kind, fruits is sweet and delicious! Moving a little towards the cities we see the fancy dresses, bright colors, pure fabrics from chiffons to cottons, fine and ravishing embroidery, henna designs, most amazing and entertaining weddings, well integrated families and a large pool of capable engineers and doctors.

Recognizing the cultural heaven on Earth!

Feel free to check out the gallery of pictures I collected over the years.


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