Tackling The Gender Psychology Conflict

Besides every gender joke there is a reality that people deal with in their lives in all sorts of ways- With more or less success. Like every other problem- to solve the quest one needs to accept there is a quest to be solved. The gender equality doesn’t satisfy the natural make up of beings in social terms as many might argue today. However, the biological make up and intellectual capabilities of beings has nothing to do with gender- Although there is a huge difference between their psychologies- In specific the social psychology. It is not the equality that matters but the appropriateness that does. No matter what initiatives are taken the natural make up will always defy the equality of both genders- Both were made for different purposes, they’ re both good at different things, they both think and feel differently. But that does not have to be trouble or unjust- Nature was made perfect and if exploited for the better it has potentials for happy social setups.

The communication bridge between women and men is wider than one might expect, same things said to the different genders are comprehended and responded to differently which is why saying might not be enough but saying what gets through and understanding and accepting the psychology of other gender might be important. What most men confess about understanding female psychology is “we don’t understand women!” Things don’t have to be as complicated as we make them- You cannot think like yourself and imagine what the other person might understand but you need to understand what drives their thoughts. For women that’s mostly emotions. A man cannot think logically about woman’s perception and reactions over matters, The wisest of all acts is to accept that you will never understand a woman if you think logically because they are totally different. Similarly for women- They cannot think like themselves and expect to understand what a man might have going on in his mind. Women are more complex than men intellectually which is why they have an amazing skill for multi tasking whereas men focus best on one task at a time.

Although emotional drive exists for men but applies to them differently as it does in women- They’ re dominantly driven by aggression and speculation. Women link everything to everything else- which is very useful in developing interlinks but men have distinctive mode of emotional bonding with everything separately. Their passion is more applicable with whatever they focus on- be it career, education, women etc. A solution to this problem: patience with accepting the differences.

Men are suitable for some careers and women are suitable for others, women find it difficult to solve numerical problems, most men enjoy solving them. Women find literature and memorizing easy whereas men dread taking them up. Although there are always exceptions at both ends so there is nothing set and stone but there are trends for the most. Men and women need to let each other fall perfectly together in a social setup where the man does what woman can’t do well and woman does what the man can’t do well- with no prejudice or offensive differentiation.


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