Disaster of Inequality, Exploitation and Corruption.

A perfect mix for destruction when existing in a single society. Fatal sickneses that aile the society to failure and frustration. Inequality doesnt stay limited to local domains but its global spread has raised concerns and is worrying social workers, politicians and masses in general around the globe. Accoding to research conducted in ‘story of stuff’ 20% of world’s populations consumes 80% of the world’s resources, many see it as a result of capitalism and over powerment of cooperations where the world’s richest bodies are not welfare governments, states or charities but capitalist enterprises.

Where there is overpowerment of individual bodies that are not restricted and regulated by law, there is exploitation of the weak. The concept is as simple as ‘the survival of the fittest’ but it can lead to serious consequences; the poor becomes poorer and the rich ricer. The inequality thus keeps elevating. The recent examples of such exploitation can be cheap labor, life threatening work conditions for factory workers etc. The exploitation is not only of the beings but of the resoucress in jurisdiction of the powerless. This is why cost minimization by labor submersion happens to be most popular capitalist decision making strategies coupled with outsourcing.

Where the law and order becomes weak and authorities get exponentially overpowered and masses are delusioned by lack of education, awareness and religious brain washing- corruption get the perfect conditions to grow and sustain. This progresses inequality to the level where starvation, disease, lack in quality of production and decline in lifestyles becomes common. The education and literacy level is further degraded and essentials of life become luxury. This pushes the middle class toward revolution as they are reasonably education and struggling to survive, the stage at which this survival is pushed to the limited where struggle is no longer ample for survival an uprising is seen. The low class is delusioned by low literacy level and considerable powerlessness and is therefore unable to execute a revolution- although it does support and aid an uprising once brought about from within the middle class. The inequality widens so much that upper class is unaffected by any corruption and exploitation whatsoever . Thus, middle class and overpowered corrupt bodies are seen as each other’s opponents in such setups.


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